Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Who knew it would be this hard to find a job? Not I said the duck. I was sooo looking forward to being laid off, it seemed like a dream come true. Excellent package, I could take my time, enjoy AZ in the summer, look for a job at my leisure. Eight months later, I am not so enthused. I have had a few interviews, maybe 1% of the resumes I have sent out. No offers. One potential employer dropped the start rate $22k between the first time the recruiter called and the second. Do you think they smell blood? I am not getting any points for 20 years experience. Potential employers would rather have people with less experience and fewer monetary expectations. The search company my former employer hooked me up with keeps pretending I get to choose the job I want. They want me to research companies, target my top 3 and network my way into a job with one of them. When I went to college, they didn't teach networking. It's all I can do to call my best friend once a week, let alone keep in touch with people that can help me get a job. I have managed to accumulate over 90 contacts on LinkedIn. My New Year's resolution is to start working on my contacts for job leads. I guess it can't hurt. The money will run out sometime and I would like to have a job before then.
The three things that keep me going are yarn, books and chocolate, hence the blog name. Pity parties don't last long when I have one or more to take my frustrations out on. More on how later.

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